Lifeline Highlights the Month of May as Mental Health Awareness Month

One of our resident experts, K Thomas (LPCC, NCC (they/she)) is featured in two interviews discussing the importance of mental health, the services Lifeline Community Services provides, and information about human trafficking in San Diego County.

In the May episode of Oceanside Spectrum KCOT, K discusses the challenges that youth have faced with their mental health, particularly since the onset of the pandemic, and the mission and services Lifeline Community Services provides.

K is also a guest on the Diving into Healing Podcast from the San Diego Psychological Association. The episode gives an introduction to human trafficking and explores definitions of trafficking, common dynamics, local statistics, and how to identify and report an abuse. 

Please take some time this month to check in with your mental health, as well as those around you. Lifeline has many resources available for youth and families, including referrals to community partners and other organizations.